Dahal says: UCPN-Maoist has not dropped identity based constitution

Pokhara June 12. UCPN-Maoist Chairman Pushpa Kamal Dahal has stated as rumour of the allegations that his party has dropped its stance for a identity-based constitution.

Dahal reiterated that UCPN-Maoist would not compromise against the identity-based federal statute, speaking at the Addressing a gathering of party leaders and cadres of proposed Tamuwan and Myagdi and Baglung of the Magarat federal states.

Chairman Dahal clarified that the agendas of identity-based federalism raised by his party have been misinterpreted. He also urged one and all to play positive role in creating a conducive environment for timely statute delivery.

While raised of the another concerns,  Dahal accused the CPN-UML of opposing the idea of forming a high level political committee HLPC, for comprising leaders of all major political parties to resolve the contentious issues in constitution writing with dissident party and its leaders for crucial dialogue.

At the same occasion while raised the concerns of his party’s intra-disputes among the leaders, He said that UCPN-Maoist has always had differences among its leaders. “It is a democratic norm and differences are always healthy for positive development. “The disputes are not as much worse as portrayed by the media.” He stressed that not to make the public issues for his party’s debates.

Dahal  hoped that  the both  party gets united again.

Similar, at the same occasion, leader Baburam Bhattarai stressed on the need to bring changes in party’s ways of functioning according the demand of time. Bhattarai added that he has begun his initiation for making the party on time relevancy.