CA continues talks on forms of governance

Kathmandu, June 17. Deliberations continued at the meeting today of the Constituent Assembly on the report of the CA Committee on Constitutional Archives Study and Determination on the forms of governance.

The Committee’s report is based on the preliminary draft of the erstwhile CA Committee on Forms of Governance.

Taking part in today’s discussion, NC CA members said the parliamentary system should be it while UML and UCPN-Maoist lawmakers voiced their support for a directly elected presidential system.

Expressing his view on the contentious issue, CA member Dr Minendra Rijal, who is also the Minister for Information and Communications, said a directly elected executive could give birth to an autocrat with possibility of conflict or military intervention.

CA member Gopal Man Shrestha said the Prime Minister should be the executive head with a provision to not allow no-confidence motion for at least a year.

CA member Chudamani Jungali said the President should be the head of the executive for economic progress and sustainable development.

CA member Ram Narayan Bidari was of the view that the responsibility of both the head of government and head of state should rest with the President.

Likewise, CA member Ashok Rai voiced his support for a directly elected presidential system with a requirement for the president and vice-president to be endorsed by the parliament.

CA member Gaura Prasain Koirala said the prime minister should be elected directly by the people rather than from the parliament.

CA member Icchya Raj Tamang expressed his support for an executive president. Similarly, CA member Dipak Bohara expressed concern over Nepal becoming a laboratory of politics and added that parliamentary system accountable to the people was suitable for the country.

CA member Surya Prakash Bala Rai pointed out the need for a directly elected presidential system with sharing of power between the Prime Minister and President.

CA member Sharada Poudel said the nation is looking towards a prime ministerial system accountable towards the people.

Likewise, CA member Ramhari Khatiwada said a prime minister elected by the parliament and a ceremonial president was the need of the day.