The Appellate Court Patan clears the decks for promotion of DIGs

Kathmandu, June 17.The Appellate Court in Patan has cleared the decks for promotion of seven DIGs to AIGs.

Patan Appellate Court on Monday vacated a writ petition field against recent promotion of seven Deputy Inspector General (DIG)s to the position of Additional Inspector General (AIG) in Nepal Police.

The Court’s Registrar Nrip Dhwoj Niraula said the petition filed by DIG Parshuram Khatri was vacated by the Court today.

Earlier on June 9, the Court had stayed the promotion and summoned the recommendation committee to submit a clarification.

Later, the recommendation committee that comprises of the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and Home Secretary, had dubbed DIG Khatri ‘incompetent’ for the promotion, adding that it was his ill-intention to file a case at the court while there were other ways of dissenting the promotion orders.

A joint bench of Dwarikaman Joshi and Dambar Bahadur Sahi quashed the stay order passed by the same court last week.

The court was responding to the petition filed by DIG Parshuram Khatri who accused the government of violating seniority while promoting seven DIGs to AIGs.

The controversial DIG promotion case is still sub-judice in the court.