Modi addressed Nepal’s parliament, announced NRs 100 billion support to Nepal.

Kathmandu, August 3 . Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has addressed the Legislature- Parliament in the Capital on Sunday.

Modi who arrived here in Kathmandu for a two-day official visit this morning,

PM Modi started his nearly 40 minute long speech in Nepali language. The surprise of everybody including the lawmakers, before he started his mother tongue. In the initial address,  Modi expressed gratitude to the Speaker of the House for allowing him with the opportunity to address the Nepali Parliament , which he said, was not just his honour but also of the entire Indian population.

Praising the historical bilateral relations between India and Nepal, He stressed on that the ties between the two neighbours were as old as the Himalayas and the Ganges, adding that he was eager to take the relations to a new height during his stint as the Indian PM.

Modi lauded the Nepali people’s decision to choose the path of peace by laying down arms. He said Nepal can send the message to the people around the world who believe in the strength of the barrel by drafting a democratic constitution as soon as possible.

He claimed that Nepal is the best destination for tourism. He said “Over one billion Indian people would want to visit Nepal once in their lifetime to pay homage to Pashupatinath Temple and birth place of Lord Buddha,”.The Indian PM shed light on the potential areas, including hydropower and tourism, from which Nepal can strengthen its economy and go on to create their own identity in the world.

Visiting Indian Prime Minister has  further noted that Nepal could prosper alone by exporting electricity to India, emphasizing on Nepal’s immense hydropower potential.

Modi expressed his hope that Nepal’s new constitution would be exemplary to the rest of the world to teach the lesson of peace, and inspire others to give up violence and resort to peaceful and democratic path. He further stressed that the constitution should be inclusive and for the people-oriented. He stated. “Constitution should be a bouquet in which people should feel that it has their flowers also.”

Modi said Nepal is a sovereign country and he wants to see it as tall as Himalayas and becoming a matter of pride to the other countries also.

He pointed out that Nepal has tremendous scope of hydroelectricity production, which he said can be sold to India.”We don’t need your electricity for free. We want to buy it,” he added.

Let’s join our shoulders together in this regard, he said, Nepal can become prosperous selling electricity to India.

He expressed India’s readiness to double the electricity that Nepal is getting at present. “Now, we will provide you electricity. After a decade, Nepal will reduce India’s darkness.”

While addressing the House, Modi has announced NRs 100 billion support to Nepal.