Landslide blocked Karnali River

Kalikot, March 3: A massive landslide at Yancku-9 of Humla district has blocked Karnali River in western Nepal since early Tuesday morning.

Local administration has alerted the people downstream to be safe from a possible flash flood that could occur due to the sudden burst of the artificial lake.

Yanchu VDC lies close to the district headquarters Simikot and it has been raining in the area since Sunday.

Along with the district, other districts downstream are in high risk of flood in the country’s longest river.
According to the Flood Forecasting Project of the Department of Hydrology and Meteorology, the water level in the river is gradually decreasing at the Chispani measurement center.

The water level in the river was 6.20 meters at 6 am which decreased to 5.70 meters at 11 am.