Mother and lover jailed for Ayesha Ali killing

London, March 6: A mother and her lover have been jailed for killing her eight-year-old daughter in east London.

Ayesha Ali was found dead in her bedroom with more than 50 injuries including bite-marks, in August 2013.

At the Old Bailey, the girl’s mother, Polly Chowdhury, 35, was sentenced to 13 years in prison for manslaughter.

Jailing her lover and co-defendant, Kiki Muddar, 43, for 18-years for the same crime, the judge described her as a “manipulative, wicked woman”.

Judge Christopher Moss QC told the court Ayesha’s mother had “disgracefully failed” in her role, to keep her daughter safe.

During the trial, the court heard Muddar made Chowdhury believe her daughter was “evil” by creating a fantasy world full of characters on social media who told her Ayesha needed to be punished.

One alias Muddar created was spirit guide “Skyman”, whom she used to manipulate Chowdhury into believing Ayesha had “bad blood” and needed to be disciplined to rid her of “evil spirits”.