Two boys rescued from India

MORANG, March 10: Two boys of Morang who had been trafficked to India were rescued and handed over to the families.

Mohamam Abu Talim (13) and Mohamam Intaj (13) of Dainiya along with three other boys had been taken to India some two months ago by a person called Mohammed Sajan, promising them a lucrative job there. But, they had been confined to a button polishing factory at Simalpur where they had to work for continuous 16 hours without sufficient food, the rescued boys said.

They had later managed to escape from the factory.

They came into contact with a Sarsa district-based child organisation which rescued them.

The organisation had handed them over to Maiti Nepal. The factory used to pay each of them just Rs 2,500 per month. Among three boys who had been trafficked to India with them, one has already fled while remaining two are still in the clutch of factory, according to rescued children.

Maiti Nepal said 59 cases of disappearances of children were registered in Morang in 2014.