Dil Bahadur missing in Malaysia

DHADING, March 18: Migrant worker Dil Bahadur Shrestha from Kumpur VDC-8, Dhading has gone out of contact in Malaysia for the past one year.

His family members back home are a worried lot. After facing financial hardship, Shrestha had taken a loan and landed in Malaysia four years ago.

His mother Lal Maya has been spending her days in tears. “It has become an everyday affair for her to inquire about her son,” a neighbour said. Though Shrestha went to Malaysia four years ago, family members do not have any knowledge about the manpower company that sent him there.

Lal Maya said she had talked to her son over phone almost 13 months ago. “But, after that he has never contacted me and other family members.” Lal Maya complained. She lamented that they had failed to contact her son on the number he had provided them.

Around 16 months ago, Dil Bahadur had sent Rs 60,000 home.

“Please, help me search for my son,” Lal Maya pleaded with journalists. When he had contacted the last time, he had pledged to send money too.

Dil Bahdaur had landed in Malaysia through agent Naresh from his own village. He had paid Rs 180,000 to Naresh. Family members said that Naresh was reluctant to name the manpower Company that had sent Dil Bahadur.

Mother Lal Maya has registered a case at Safe Immigration Information and Communication Counselling Centre, Dhading, asking for assistance in locating her son.