Camera trapping effective to curb red panda smuggling

ILAM, March 31: With the installation of trapping cameras at Mabu VDC, control of the poaching of the endangered red panda has been effective.

Five extra modern cameras were installed in the VDC in a bid to control the poaching and smuggling of the globally endangered species.

The camera lenses are kept secretively on tree holes, and bushes or lichen. It finely records the activities in the forest. Krishna Rai, administration chief of an institute working for the conservation of red panda, said the installation of the modern camera have helped a lot to control the poaching.

The cameras were fit for surveillance with the help of Red Panda Network.

The high quality batteries in the camera are never damaged for four months. Forest warden collects the camera every month and submit to the Network.

It is estimated that there are 23 to 40 red pandas in the forests of Mabu, Maimajhuwa, Maipokhari, Jamuna, Jogimai, Puwamajhuwa and Pyang VDCs.