Power outage to go down by 1 hour

KATHMANDU, Apr 2: KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority has decided to reduce load shedding by one hour, effective from Saturday.

Though water level in the rivers is decreasing gradually, the state utility has decided to cut down load shedding by one hour due to water accumulation in Khulekhani hydropower and change in the sunset time, the NEA informed by issuing a public notice on Thursday.

Earlier on March 12, the NEA had slashed load shedding by two hours considering the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) examinations.

Currently, the valley denizens are bearing the brunt of nine-hour load shedding daily. NEA has also sought support from consumers in reducing load-shedding hours and urged them not to use high power consuming equipments in the evening.

Following the decision, the load-shedding hours will be limited to eight to nine hours per day.