Rape cases up in Bhaktapur due to sexual aberration

BHAKTPUR, Apr 2: Majority of rape cases reported in the Metropolitan Police Range (MPR) Bhaktapur in the first eight months of current fiscal year are found to have been caused due to increasing sexual aberration in people.

Factors including exposure to various modes of communication including porn pictures and movies from the internet, pre-matured sexual behaviours and the like are learnt to have led to some 12 cases of rape and attempt to rape in Bhaktapur this year.

In many of these cases, almost of the victims are below 20 years with girls and students below 16 accounting for the majority, shared Bikash Shrestha, Superintendent of Police (SP) at MPR, Bhaktapur.

Likewise, many victims in the 14 cases registered last year were young girls and students also.

SP Shrestha was of the opinion that the perpetrators often prey people belonging to this age group as they are weak in terms of physical strength for self-defence. Similarly, in many cases, the perpetrators are found to be people holding blue collar jobs, namely labours and drivers.

Interestingly, in many of the rape cases, the perpetrators were found to be familiar people, often within the family and relatives rather than strangers. “It has been difficult for the police to take measures to minimise cases of rape and bring the culprit to book as the victims, who often fall prey to various threat and temptation of perpetrators, reach police much later fearing social stigma,” argued SP Shrestha.

Sexual aberration apart, factors like lack of knowledge about the legal provision and unemployment among others are also found to have contributed to cases of rape that is on the rise of late in Bhaktapur.