Carlsberg unveils unique campaign

KATHMANDU, Apr 3: Carlsberg has come up with a unique campaign of sending autographs of its consumers to the top of the world.

Last week, Carlsberg unveiled Barclays Premier League official footballs signed by four Liverpool FC players amidst a grand event. And Carlsberg is providing its consumers with ultimate experience of sending the autographs to the Mt Everest.

Sandeep Rai, Vice-Captain of Nepal National Football team, was delighted with the campaign. “I, on behalf of all football players, am very grateful to Carlsberg for initiating this innovative Autograph Campaign,” said Rai. “It is a proud moment for all Nepalis that Carlsberg is sending autographs of great Liverpool players and its consumers to the top of the world. Mt Everest is Nepal’s identity and I feel thrilled that my autograph will also reach the pinnacle.”

Miss Nepal Sadikshya said: “Being on top of the world is everyone’s dream and Carlsberg is providing this unique opportunity to take the autographs of its consumers to Mt Everest. This in itself is an ultimate dream come true for all Nepalis. Autograph is something very personal and unique. So sending our autographs to top of the world is a great moment for us all.”

Carlsberg is providing a line-up of exciting consumer engaging activities for the next four weeks. Carlsberg consumers can get a chance to provide their autographs in any of the 2,000 outlets.