New budget estimated at Rs 735 billion

KATHMANDU, Apr 4: The National Planning Commission (NPC) has fixed the maximum budget ceiling of Rs 735 billion for the fiscal year 2072/73 BS based on the planning received from all the ministries and other government bodies.

The NPC said Rs 512 billion would be covered from the revenue collection while Rs 147 billion from the foreign loans and remaining Rs 74 billion would be managed from the internal loans.

NPC Vice-chairman Dr Govinda Raj Pokharel said Rs 100 billion—the largest chunk of budget as compared to other sectors—has been allocated in the education sector adding that the budget ceiling was fixed after holding discussions with the representatives of all ministries with support from the experts.

At an interaction programme on preparation of programmes and budget for the new fiscal year organized by the Development Committee of the Legislature-Parliament on Friday, Vice-chairman Pokharel said that the budget would not be allocated to the projects having no detailed studies as well as to those failing to implement the budget.

The NPC has taken the policy to accept only the projects that were forwarded after holding discussions at the local levels, and the practice of visiting the NPC for budget is ended, he said.

On the occasion, Committee Chairman Rabindra Adhikari directed the bodies concerned to select the programmes by coordinating with the central, regional and district levels while selecting the development projects in the fiscal year 2072/73 BS.

Chairman Adhikari further asked the officials to pay attention for the completion of the uncompleted projects instead of selecting the new ones and select the projects best suited on geographical location and carry out the works through the mutual coordination in the project formulation phase.

On the occasion, Secretary at the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Tulsi Prasad Sitaula said the ongoing projects would be completed instead of selecting the new ones. He said the budget allocated for the Ministry would be spent for roads, railway and fast-track construction, transport management and sustainable urban development programmes.

During the meeting, the lawmakers suggested the officials selecting the projects based on locals’ participation and provide ownership to the locals after holding discussions in the District Council before sending it to the central level. RSS