School fund spent on alcohol

DIPAYAL, Apr 7: The fund of Barchhain Higher Secondary School was misused for consumption of alcohol and bribery in Barchhain VDC of Doti.

After the concerned authority reviewed the school’s account, the misuse of fund was proved from the school bills.

Former School Management Committee chairman, Nar Bahadur Chhetry, was found using the school fund illegally.

According to incumbent chairman of the School Management Committee Lal Bahadur Bom, the bills of alcohol and bribery were found while they were examining old files.

“We were shocked to learn about the embezzlement,” he added. Bom informed that the bills of alcohol, beer, and bribery, under various headings, were found during the examination of files.

Chhetry had spent Rs 620 and Rs 5,185 on liquor, beer, meat among other items from the school’s fund from July 5 to 12, 2009 at Rimjhim Hotel in Silgadi. He had given Rs 5,000 to Dandapani Poudel, staff at Road Division Office in Dipayal, for setting some of the documents in 2008 and Rs 19,000 to another person as bribe.

Bom added that Chhetry had given Rs 600 from the school fund to Saileshwori Area Development Committee. “We have been looking at past documents minutely after suspicious bills were found,” Bom added.

He said they were also looking at files from the time when Chakra Bahadur Gharti was the chairman of the school management committee. Meanwhile, Chhetry has claimed that he did not misuse the school fund for alcohol.

“It is a conspiracy to defame me,” he said. The then head teacher Chakra Bahadur Chand of the school said the bills were cleared unchecked since they had faith in Chhetry.

“I am not involved in such illegal acts,” he said.