Nearly 400‚000 people administered anti-elephantiasis medicines in Kanchanpur

BHIMDUTTANAGAR: Apr 7: Total 398,719 people were administered anti-elephantiasis drugs in Kanchanpur this year – an increase of 9 per cent than the previous year.

According to the District Public Health Office, some 80 per cent of the total population this year consumed anti-elephantiasis drugs.

The drugs were administered to people in all municipalities and VDCs of the district from March 7-9, said Hem Raj Joshi of Kanchanpur District Public Health Office. Of the target of administering anti-elephantiasis drugs to 497,157 people in Kanchanpur this year, only 80 per cent had consumed the medicines, he added.

“We had run a special campaign for drugs consumption in the district for three days,” he said, adding, “To that effect we had mobilized 2,100 health workers and volunteers across the district”.