Shyaphrubesi- Mailung road construction expedited

DHUNCHE, APR 12: The construction of the Shyaphrubesi-Mailung roadway has been expedited lately.

Nepal Army was assigned to construct seven out of 18 km roadway that started from Shyaphru VDC-4 of Rasuwa district.

Technical colonel Sanjay KC informed that Nepal Army was fully mobilised for outlining and digging of the road since mid February. So far, 500 meter road has been dug ensuring one-way vehicle movement, he said, adding that it would be widened for two-way traffic very soon.

For this, 70 Nepal army persons and 70 other labours are mobilised daily. The number of labourers would be increased to accelerate the construction.

The boulders on the road would be blasted from April 15.

Once the construction of the roadway completes, the roadway from Galchhi to Rasuwagadhi would reduce by 20 km thereby limiting to 78 km.

Similarly, present 52 km long road stretch from Betrawati to Chhokal via Kalikasthan-Dhunche would be reduced to 32 km.

Chairman of the Civil Society in the district, Babulal Tamang, said the Nepal Army was found working honestly on the construction despite very difficult geography. Once this pace is maintained, it would not take long time to complete the road construction.

It is noted that the construction of the Shyaphrubesi- Mailung roadway would help accelerate Nepal’s trade with both giant neighbours China and India.