Woman gives birth to boy with unusual craniofacial structures

ACHHAM,APR 19: A local woman gave birth to a baby with congenital structural abnormalities in Achham today.

Brinda Saud of Balata VDC-4 in the district gave birth to the boy with unusual craniofacial structures and dysmorphic body features.

A part of the baby’s brain has popped out of the skull above his forehead. His eyes and limbs are unusually big while fingers seem to be normal, according to Bal Bahadur Budha, in-charge of Balata Health Post.

Health condition of both the mother and the newborn was said to be normal after the delivery. The newborn is first child of Bindra and her husband Man Bahadur Saud.

People thronged the health facility after the news of birth of thechild spread. It could be a case of severe form of anencephaly, which results from neural tube defects during the growth of foetus, owing to deficiency of folic acid, a vitamin B that is essential for cell growth, and other minerals, according to experts.

Anencephaly is one of the most common birth defects, according to medical literature. A similar case was reported in Charikot in March 2006.