TU postpones Bachelors examinations

Kathmandu, May 13: Examinations of Bachelor’s level under the Tribhuvan University have been postponed.

Today’s meeting of the TU’s Examination Committee postponed the examinations of all Bachelors level for an indefinite period.

Joint-Controller of the Office of the Examination Controller, Dr Narayan Belbase, said that the Committee postponed the examinations until further notice as earthquake has been taking place time and again.
The TU had published an examination routine of BA III year from May 28.

Organising a news conference here today, the Nepal Students Union has demanded to waiver all charges including tuition fees of two months– Baishakh and Jestha, of all educational institutions of quake-hit areas.

Similarly, it also called to create an environment conducive for teaching learning activities by carrying out reconstruction works of damaged schools and campuses.

NSU president Ranjit Karna demanded to make arrangement of temporary settlement of the families of those,who lost their parents in quake, as free education to their children as well as arrangement of employment at least a member of such families.