Still Hope after Earthquake

Krishna Chettri, Kathmandu. 33-year-young  Keshab Khadka, resident of Budhanilkantha -12 Kapan, has lost his five stored building, adversely affected by the devastating earthquake in the dark Saturday of April 25th. He struggled 12 year-long and collected money working in south Africa as a mine operator, not only he built the home, he donated one lakh for landslide victims of Sindhupalchowk, but he is searching the donor for the shelter himself today. Khadka doesn’t have any property except this house, he and his family members are compelled to live under the open sky.

He said, “I have lost home, but not skill and hope. A very serious after-shock of this earthquake is that it could crumble our trust in our resources, our institutions, our architects, and in ourselves.” Similarly, many locals in Kapan  lost their shelter.  Goma Karki of quake affected  from the same village felt as if she lost the half of her life. Because she was surviving four members of her family working in the factory staying on rent, which is no more along her small factory.

She has great responsibility to survive family as well as eleven more worker’s families , the factory was belonged to her but  affected the megha quake . Karki said, “I have come to Kathmandu for the quality education of my children, though I’m illiterate, quake dismantled my dream, there is nothing to survive but compulsion to live for the rest life and family. Karki and her family are still compelled to live under the open sky. Not only the Karki, On that fateful day of April 25 the Great Earthquake devastated many parts of the country.

“When the engineer declared “red-tagged structure” and  said that my house is severity of damage or the overall condition of the building then I really felt the next shock of earthquake,” said Ishor Adhikari from the Budhanilkantha-12  kathmandu. He had sold all the rest land for building the 3 stored house is now no more. He is social worker, but, himself, he is looking for the helping hand to survive today. He added, “ the earthquake has already  caused great damage. Now our well-intended relief actions should not lead to another disaster and destroy the dignity of our long self-sufficient communities .”

Almost four weeks passed since the 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck Nepal, on the other hand, many victims are living under the open sky. Som Maya Gurung 72, living under the open sky with her joint family. Her family is striving to survive. Though, She has courage, “the journey will be difficult one, but we must remember that in the face of catastrophe, societies can sometimes emerge stronger and more resilient Gurung added.” Her home is completely destroyed by the 7.8 magnitude earthquake, but it was not loss of her house that distressed her, she and her family was living in rent but it was her  dignity and self- respect, Gurung told. Among the many earthquake victims Punam Raut also lost her rent. She is a staff nurse of Teaching Hospital Kathmandu, now, eventhough, she is working living under the tent with her renter Keshab Khadka in kapan. She is working in such difficult condition, she is facing very tough daily in her life but she has not lost the hope and skill. Raut added, “The affected communities need to be actively involved in decision-making and the implementation of relief activities.” Ganesh  Bahadur katuwal 30,also is facing the same condition in Kapan.

He was also living in rent of Kalpana Karki, since, the earthquake of April 25 he is staying this moment under the tent. He is teaching in different colleges in Kathmandu, as well as has run a factory is in crisis now, he has contributed for the employment and sustaining their family members. With this very calamity, he is on verge of uncertainty about further praxis. “I have anxiety on  one knows about the immediate needs of the communities as much as the affected and relief collectors should not assume that community members share the same needs as them, Katuwal said.”