Malaysia Airlines jet makes emergency landing in Australia after ‘engine fire’

AFP Melbourne, June 12 :A Malaysia Airlines passenger flight made an emergency landing in Melbourne on Friday due to an engine problem, Australian authorities said.

Flight MH148 departed Melbourne Airport at 2.16 pm (4.16am GMT) to head towards the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur but had to perform an emergency landing, the airport’s spokeswoman told AFP.

“The plane landed safely a couple of minutes before 3 pm Australian time this afternoon,” she said.
Airservices Australia said the plane had reported an “engine problem” but there were suggestions in local media of an engine fire.

“We provide air traffic control and aviation rescue firefighting services for Melbourne Airport, so basically the plane reported an engine problem, dumped their fuel and returned to land,” an Airservices Australia spokesman told AFP.

Melbourne’s Metropolitan Fire Brigade confirmed that crews were called out to the airport at 2.22 pm but could not provide further information.