FNCCI welcomes preliminary draft of new constitution

Kathmandu, July 3: The Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), the umbrella organization of the private sector, has welcomed the preliminary draft of a new constitution.

The FNCCI has further stated that the promulgation of the new constitution would open new door for economic development with the political stability.

In a special annual general meeting (AGM) of the FNCCI called for the election of the new president for the remaining term, the FNCCI has further urged the government to go along with the public-private partnership to run the reconstruction and resettlement projects.

The organization further urged the government to include the private sectors in the recently formed reconstruction authority chaired by the Prime Minister.

The special AGM today will unanimously elect Pashupati Murarka as the FNCCI chair for the remaining 21 months. The post of the chair was vacant after the then chair Pradip Jung Pandey faced corruption charges.

On the occasion, the FNCCI has informed that the organization so far has provided relief assistance equal to Rs 100 million to the earthquake survivors in the worst affected 14 districts and it would launch reconstruction campaign in these districts in the near future.

Moreover, the FNCCI has urged the government to use domestic products during reconstruction in the quake-affected areas.

DPM Singh stresses on public-private partnership

Addressing the special general meeting, Deputy Prime Minister Prakash Man Singh said since the draft of the new constitution is a document of consensus, understanding and agreement among the political parties, it should not be seen in the light of victory or loss.

“This is not the final draft, the views and suggestions to be given by the people on it would still incorporated in it; there is no use to protest citing that the views of one side or group or community have not been addressed by it,” he opined.

Stating that the draft has given place to the commitments all the parties represented in the Constituent Assembly (CA) made before the people through the first and second CA elections, DPM Singh said now is the time for gearing up for the reconstruction of the structures damaged by the earthquake and not for disputing over the topics of the constitution.

He said the donor agencies have pledged to provide a support of Rs 440 billion to Nepal for the reconstruction and rehabilitation as the present government is a people-elected and democratic one, adding that the amount would be spent in a transparent manner.

The Deputy Prime Minister also stated that the public-private partnership policy would be adopted in the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the quake-damaged structures. He further expressed the government’s desire to working together with the private sector in the campaign of economic development.

Acting President of FNCCI Murarka called on the government to create employment in the rural areas and to increase the investment in the hydropower, agriculture and tourism infrastructures. He also stressed on the need for the government to adopt the policy of public-private partnership model in the post-quake reconstruction and rehabilitation programme, stating the private sector was ready to extend support to that end.

FNCCI vice-president Kishor Pradhan said there would be political stability in the country after the new constitution is issued which will spur economic growth and dynamism in infrastructure development. He added that the government should take the private sector into confidence for this. RSS