Kirat Janawadi Workers Party surrenders weapons

DHARAN, JUL 03 – The Kirat Janawadi Workers Party (KJWP), that has been holding armed struggle in the eastern hill districts, has surrendered their arms to a parliamentary committee announcing the end of their armed struggle on Friday.

Party Chairperson Mina Khumbu-Sankemma Kirati handed over four three knot three rifles, one local pistol and three bullet magazines to Anand Prasad Dhungana , coordinator of the dialogue sub-committee. The party has demanded the government take care of its semi-military personnel and give compensate a lump-sum of Rs 10 miliion for the family of the martyrs.

The party has also demanded that the Constituent Assembly declare Kirat autonomous state with right to self determination, annulment of the cases against party leaders and cadres and declare martyrdom to former Chairman Bibas Bidhrohi and member Khagendra Jawegu among other demands.

Meanwhile, lawmaker Dhungana said that KJWP’s surrendering of arms was the result of government continuously holding dialogues with parties that are holding political struggle to institute their rights. He said that the government will protect them as any other citizen of the nation.

Meanwhile, party Chairperson Mina Khumbu said that they had laid down the arms as they failed to succeed in doing armed struggle. However, Khumbu said that they will carry on with their struggle ideologically.