NA to be developed as defender of national unity and national security

Kathmandu, Sept 11: Chief-of-the-Army-Staff (COAS) Rajendra Chhetri has said the Nepal Army (NA) would be advanced as a more robust, improved and strong organization so that it can well perform as a defender of national unity, sovereignty, territorial integrity and freedom.

Addressing his fellow staffs upon resuming the office here on Friday, Army Chief Chhetri note that the national army would perform keeping its internal unity and organizational interest intact.
The NA has strong belief that the to-be-promulgated constitution would prove to be a milestone to consolidate national unity, peace, stability and prosperity, he added.
The newly-appointed Army Chief also pledged to advance NA as a strong and trustworthy centre of trust of the people in coordinating with all state apparatuses.
He informed that the NA has the goal to restructure its body under the perspective plan considering future federal setups following the promulgation of a new constitution and subsequent formulation of national security policy.
The Army Chief also made commitment to contribute to achieve Nepal’s foreign policy targets by increasing qualitative and quantitative strengths of NA personnel in the UN peacekeeping force.
He further noted that rapport between NA and media would be made further cordial and improved for protecting national interest and organizational betterment. RSS