Laprak without power since five months

Gorkhabazaar, Sept. 12: Residents of Laprak village in Gorkha have not been able to enjoy power service since the past five months. The locals have without regular power service since the local hydropower project was damaged by the landslides trigged by the April 25 earthquake.

As a result, charging of mobile phones and running TV, radio and the rice and flour mills have not been possible, said local resident Dhan Bahadur Gurung. Likewise, the students have not been able to study during the night.

The hydropower project first and second based at the local Lisang river have both been obstructed since the earthquake-triggered landslides. Both are of 25 KW each. The first project was constructed in 2060 B.S. and the second in 2070. The locals had been paying a monthly tariff of Rs. 60 for using power from the project.

Chief of the Environment and Energy Unit of Gorkha DDC Kulraj Chalise said there was lack of budget to resume the hydropower project. Additional funds have been sought from the centre, he said.

With majority of the locals living under tents following the earthquake, absence of power is making daily life further difficult, the locals have said. Locals have been living in 595 temporary tents in Laprak, that the epicentre of the April 25 earthquake. RSS