Customs office in Olangchungola sans staffs

Taplejung, Sept 14: The Orlangchungola Customs Office based in Taplejung district has now turned to be a place to keep sheep and goats in absence of staffs at customs checkpoint.

On the other edge, it has nurtured unlawful trade and business in Nepal-China border point.
Locals have complained that the government revenue raising office has been like a shed for domestic animals for no regular presence of employees here. The office which was closed down during armed conflict had resumed its operation two years ago but the prime task of collecting revenue is in sorry state of affairs in absence of staffs.
With the carelessness in the operation of the customs office, the state has been facing an annual loss of revenue amounting to millions of Nepali currency. The illegal trade including unregulated import of goods has been on the rise for no government staffs in the checkpoint which saw daily financial transaction worth over tens of thousands.
Though the office has the quota of nine permanent staffs, its operation relying on an office assistant is hampering the task of raising revenue.
The ineffective operation of the checkpoint which has the direct relation with neighbouring China’s Tibet has also increased illegal transaction of rare herbal plants with medicinal values. RSS