India always for prosperity and well-being of Nepal’

Kathmandu, Sept 15: India has always desired prosperity and well-being of Nepal, and considers itself duty-bound to stand by Nepal in any adversity.

This is stated in a statement issued by the External Affairs Ministry of India late night on September 14.

It is stated in the statement issued by the Minister of External Affairs of India Sushma Swaraj that India has always supported peace, stability, unity and development of Nepal.

“In the last two decades, we all have witnessed violence, instability, internal struggle and political discord in Nepal, as well as its negative consequences. Nepal had not yet emerged from this crisis, when a major earthquake in April 2015 wreaked havoc and caused major destruction in the country.

Whether the crisis is political or natural, Government of India has always desired prosperity and well-being of Nepal, and considers itself duty-bound to stand by Nepal in any adversity.

For the last few months, the political leadership of Nepal has been intensively engaged in the critically important task of Constitution drafting, through mutual consultations and dialogue.

Encouraging voices were heard from Nepalese leaders from afar that the Constitution will carry along all regions and sections, and will become the focal point of a progressive, modern and united Nepal. Coming from all the political leaders, these voices make all of us in India very happy.

The Nepalese political leadership has shown wisdom and maturity in overcoming several challenges over the last few years, resulting in substantial gains in the peace process and consolidation of inclusive multi-party Constitutional democracy through two successful elections. We laud the achievements that Nepal has made in the peace process.

We welcome and commend the recent progress achieved by the Constituent Assembly in the Constitution-drafting process wherein several contentious issues have been resolved.

India is concerned over the ongoing protests and strife in several parts of Nepal. Horrific violence has once again shaken Nepal’s soul. Whether the victims are Nepali citizens or government officials, the blood spilt in all the incidents was Nepalese. When Nepal is yet to come out of the tragedy of the earthquake, these developments would hurt any humanitarian country in the world.

In this context, we urge continuing flexibility on the part of all the political forces so that any outstanding issues are addressed through dialogue and widest possible agreement, in an atmosphere free from violence. A Constitution, which is fully owned by and accommodates the aspirations of all regions and sections of the Nepalese society, will lay a durable foundation for a peaceful and prosperous Nepal and will become the focal point for Nepal’s bright future.

Nepal’s political parties, organizations and intellectuals have always displayed maturity and foresight in times of crises. It is only with their continued leadership and wisdom that Nepal can overcome its current difficulties. A durable and resilient Constitution is necessary to build a modern Nepal. We hope that Nepal’s leaders will leave no stone unturned in their efforts.

Government of India is committed to further strengthening its close and cordial relations with the Government and people of Nepal and will continue to provide all support and assistance, in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Nepal for peace, stability and socio-economic development.” RSS