Private sector elated with the endorsement of constitution

Chitwan, Sept 17: The private sector has been elated in a hope that the country would stride towards economic prosperity with the promulgation of long-awaited new constitution through the Constituent Assembly (CA) in Nepal.

They have expressed their happiness stating that it would pave the way for the formation of stable government and thereby impart positive message about Nepal at the international arena.
The private sector has expressed its confidence that Nepal would see the investment friendly climate and outpouring of international money flow to business ventures.
They said that the country has received an immense opportunity to take strides with the endorsement of the constitution when the shutdowns and strikes have inflicted big damages to the private sector.
The entrepreneurs said that there has been a mammoth investment of billions of rupees in tourism sector and tourism business in Chitwan alone.
Chairperson of Poultry Business Forum Shanker Prasad Kandel said that the poultry business which had suffered the most from a hiatus of instability would see jump with the promulgation of a new constitution. “Albeit delay Nepal got the private sector friendly constitution”, he said that the poultry business awaiting huge flow of investment would increase entrepreneurial ventures in this sector.
Likewise, former Chairperson of Regional Hotel Association, Sauraha, Giridhari Chaudhary said that the message imparted to international community after the promulgation of a new constitution in Nepal and subsequent inflow of tourists would significantly contribute to the development of the country.
The constitution has come to the country with the commitment of the parties; now is the time to team up for economic prosperity, he said, pledging that the private sector is ready to own up the responsibility to that end.
Chitwan Udyog Sangh Chairperson Krishna Adhikari shared that thare has been the investment of over Rs 200 billions in industry sector in Chitwan and expressed confidence that the constitution passage would enable investment-frinedly environment. RSS