Occupation of Gandharva community on the brink of extinction

Kathmandu, Sept. 20: Playing Sarangi, the major occupation of Gandharva community, is on the verge of extinction due to lack of its promotional activities in the recent days.

Chairman of Gandharva Samaj Nepal, Kedar Gandhari, said the present situation was created due to the failure of the new generation in regard to the preservation of their cultures.

“We are providing entertainment for domestic and international guests but our occupation is at crisis,” he added. The total population of Gandharva is around 6,000 in the country.

He also pointed out the need for government’s steps to preserve the Sarangi– a folk string instrument played by Gandharva community. “The tourism ministry has given protection only to ancient temples. The state should also invest for the preservation of our cultures,” Gandhari argues. RSS