NC leader Sujata Koirala felicitated

Kathmandu, Sept 21: Nepali Congress leader and Former Deputy Prime Minister Sujata Koirala has been felicitated for her election to the co-chair of Women Department of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP). Leader Koirala was elected the co-chair of ICAPP on September 3 in Baku of Azerbaijan.

The Forests and Environment Department of the Nepali Congress felicitated leader Koirala here today amid a function. Koirala is also the Chief of Foreign Department of the NC.

On the occasion, leader Koirala pointed out the need of joint efforts of all to implement the new constitution as it has institutionalized the federal republic in the nation and has acquired reorganization at international arena as well.

She added that the constitution has materialized the dream of all Nepalis and late leader Girija Prasad Koirala as he had dreamt for getting such constitution promulgated from the people’s elected body.

Leader Koirala said that constitution has incorporated the aspirations of all groups including indigenous nationalities, women and Dalits, among other marginalized groups. RSS