Khanidanda Airport runway crumbles

Khotang, Sept 23: The runway at the Manmaya Rai Khanidanda Airport in Khotang district has started peeling off all over although it was blacktopped some four months ago.

Furthermore, the 590-metre-long and 20-metre wide runway has also developed potholes, causing trouble in landing and takeoff of the airplanes, according to Airport Construction Consumer Committee Chairperson, Durga Prasad Ghimire.

Chairperson Ghimire said that construction of such a mediocre runway was due to the negligence of the contractor. He drew the attention of the authority concerned towards it.

The airport was built at a cost of Rs 700 million, mostly from the fund raised from the public and labor volunteered by the locals. The Chanmilga JV Construction Company was contracted for its construction.

Chief District Officer, Govinda Sapkota shared that an instruction was issued to the concerned body to repair the runaway at the earliest. “We are holding talks with the Project Chief, we take action against them if they fail to do the needful,” he said. RSS