Taplejung district opened from 11:00 am today

Taplejung, Sept 23: Teplejung district, which remained closed for the past three days, is opened from 11:00 am today after consensus was forged between the Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal and Taplejung Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The consensus was forged after entrepreneurs and locals urged the bodies concerned to create environment conducive to open market, saying the strike and shutdown have disturbed their business.

Chairman of Taplejung Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Taranath Ghimire, said that an understanding was made to allow opening markets and educational institutions in the district from 11:00 am in view of upcoming festivals.

Meanwhile, private schools in the district would be opened from Thursday, said Private and Boarding Schools Organisation, Nepal (PABSON), Taplejung. However, community schools and transport services would remain closed, said Taplejung Chairman of the Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal, Kirtiman Maden.

The Limbuwan Struggle Committee and Federal Limbuwan Party Nepal have called the banda (shutdown) in nine districts east of the Arun River from Sunday to protest against drafting of the new constitution without Limbuwan province. RSS