Madhes protest meaningless: Leader Jwala

Dang, Sept 24: CPN (UML) Politburo Member Prakash Jwala has said that the Madhes protest does not have any meaning as it was going on without any demands and in the right direction.

Speaking in a press meet here in the dsitrict, leader Jwala added that most of the Madhes centric demands were fulfilled and therefore it does not have any logic and meaning. However, it was launched violently.

Leader Jwala further said that such protests run by the foreign support could not last long.

He added that the border dispute related to the new provinces could be corrected through federal commmision as it was formed for the same reason. Jwala said that the constituent assembly (CA) promulgated a new constitution and unity among the political parties was essential for the imlementation of the new constitution.

Speaking in another note, leader Jwala said that the foreign encroachment in the domestic political affairs was unfortunate and it should be stopped soon. RSS