402 fuel-loaded tankers stopped at Indian border: NOC

Kathmandu, Sept 28: The Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) has started the quota system in the distribution of petroleum products from today for systematizing the supply of fuel that it has in reserve and for equitable distribution.

The state-owned oil corporation stated that the quota system has been adopted in view of a large number of petroleum products loaded tankers remaining blocked at the Indian border and the growing shortage of petroleum products in the Nepali market.

NOC spokesman Deepak Baral said that among the privately-owned vehicles, the motorcycles would be provided with three litres and the four-wheelers 10 litres per week.

Similarly, among the public transport vehicles, taxis would be provided 10 litres, microbuses 15 litres, minibuses and school buses 20 litres and the big buses 30 litres per week.

The public vehicles can fill up on the even-and-odd dates in accordance to their even or odd number plates, Baral said. The quota system has been started for minimizing the shortage of petroleum products by easing the distribution system.

NOC has said initiatives are underway to remove the shortage of petroleum products in the Nepali market as soon as possible. The shortage is because India has stopped 402 tankers loaded with petroleum products at the border.