Solar PVs could be mandatory soon in city houses across Nepal

Kathmandu, December 14. Buildings in urban areas, either government-owned or private, could soon have to install their own solar PVs.

A proposal to this effect, prepared by the Ministry of Local Development, is being discussed at the Ministry of Environment and Technology. The Ministry of Local Development says it came up with the proposal in view of the energy crisis.

While the ministry is preparing to make it compulsory for new government, commercial and institutional buildings to install solar panels, it is likely to delegate authority to municipalities and VDCs to enforce the new rule for residential buildings.

The rule would be implemented in 217 municipalities across the country in the first phase, and will be introduced to other areas later.

The government will not, however, provide financial assistance for the implementation of the new rule. Officials say that those than can afford to build a house in the city (which costs around Rs 2 million on an average) should not find it difficult to invest another Rs 100,000 on solar power; they can easily get financing through Alternative Energy Promotion Centre.