Conservation framework launched


Vice-chairman of the National Planning Commission Yuba Raj Khatiwada released the ‘Nature Conservation National Strategic Framework for Sustainable Development (2015-2030) amid a ceremony organised in the capital today.

It will come into effect immediately.

According to officials, it is the first national strategic framework of this kind in Nepal and is an umbrella strategy, which emphasises nature conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and their equitable benefit-sharing.

The framework was prepared by the NPC with technical support from International Union for Conservation of Nature Nepal and financial support from Swiss Development Cooperation, UNDP and ADB.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Khatiwada stressed on implementation of the strategic framework to proceed with development activities and nature conservation. “We must ensure nature responsiveness for sustainable development and we cannot separate nature from development,” he said.

The goal of the framework is to help achieve sustainable development by integrating nature conservation in all development efforts.

The NPC and other partner organisations had collected feedback and suggestions by holding a series of interaction with experts, government and non-government agencies and civil society in such way as to represent all sections and areas from the local to the central level before giving a final shape to the framework.

The framework envisions ‘a prosperous, inclusive and just Nepal that values and conserves nature for sustainable development.’

Yam Malla, country representative of IUCN Nepal, informed that this framework had five strategic pillars, which will help the nation achieve sustainable development by integrating nature conservation and development.

Mainstreaming nature conservation in development efforts, harmonising sectoral policies and strategies, strenthening coordination, valuing and accounting ecosystem goods and services and improving conservation accountability for the next 15 years.

The Government of Nepal will implement the framework through short-term implementation plan (1-3 years), mid-term implementation plan (4-8 years) and long-term implementation plan (9-15 years) during the period of 2015-2030.

An estimated budget of Rs 80 million will be spent to carry out activities for the implementation of the framework, institutional capacity building, technical capacity building, facilitation, monitoring, and publicity and orientation.

Coordination committees have also been formed in the central, district and community level to ensure implementation of the framework in an effective manner.

A timely changes will be made to the framework on the basis of the findings of the evaluation, said the NPC.