Adele’s concert tickets sell out in minutes

New York, December 17, the US east coast locations sold out within minutes of North America in five years, English singer Adele tickets for the first concert tour, empty-handed, leaving thousands of fans vented their frustration on social media.

Earlier this week announced the British singer’s 56-date tour, their new album alone, 25 of the record-breaking sales in the United States is 5.2 million units.

Fans only seats Saint Paul, Minnesota, in July, next year starts and ends in Mexico City on November 15 for major cities on the tour has sold out, find 45 minutes on ticketing websites For more information or getting stuck.

Representatives of Adele tickets for some shows were going on sale at 10:00 local time
Relevant cities, but otherwise declined to comment.

Shortcuts #adeletickets and Grammy Award-winning singer #adelesoldout fans inspired by the song and music video memes, with a message and posting GIFs, Twitter trended.

“Greetings from the ticket line. I have been a thousand times Click refresh,” Maggie Sage Hunter hit single Hello Adele tweeted a twist on the song.

“Adele tickets sold out in 3 days worth of 2 minutes and I’m heartbroken,” Sammi wrote Steger.

“Just least I can say I tried to do that … no luck in Boston and spent an hour trying to get #adeletickets,” Jane Taranto tweeted.

Tickets for many shows in the far reaches of the grounds for those $ 300 each for seats closest to the stage at New York’s Madison Square Garden for $ 9,999 each, with asking prices ranging from, StubHub secondary market on sites like appeared within minutes. Official prices for premium packages ranged from $ 40 to $ 750 each.

Adele’s 25 album in the United States is already the biggest selling album of 2015, and Nielsen began tracking music sales in 1991 when the first records dating back broke.

They went on sale earlier this month, the singer’s UK and European concert tour starting in February, the tickets sold out within minutes.