Lawmakers suggest correction in ‘ill practices’ of civil servants to serve people

Kathmandu, Dec 20: Lawmakers have drawn the attention of Minister for General Administration Rekha Sharma for failure of civil servants to provide services to people due to various reasons.
In the meeting of the State Affairs Committee today, they said that the tendency to prefer to serve only in city areas and work for the sake of power among others is prevailing among civil servants, which needs to be corrected.
They also called for an end to prevailing tendency of political parties using civil servants for fulfilling their personal interests. They also stressed on the need for filling vacant posts of VDC secretaries in many districts so that people will avail of services without hassles, pointing out that April 25 earthquake survivors have been hit hard in the absence of VDC secretaries in their designated areas.
Likewise, claiming that bureaucracy has become corrupt due to trade unions, lawmakers like Yubraj Gyawali and Rameshwor Phuyal suggested holding elections to official trade unions, while another lawmaker Amaresh Kumar Singh suggested dismantling trade unions.
The lawmakers also suggested continuing the campaign started by former Minister for General Administration Lal Babu Pandit for civil servants holding foreign permanent residency cards to go for only one option (quit government job or accept PR card).
In response, Minister Sharma told that the government has initiated necessary preparations to hold elections to official trade unions.
Meanwhile, the stage affairs committee has directed the ministry to fill vacant positions of VDC secretaries across the country. RSS