Death toll of earthquake survivors from cold reaches 13

Dolakha, Dec 28: The death toll of earthquake survivor elderly people caused by shivering cold is on the rise in Dolakha.

The death toll from bone-chilling cold lately is increasing in the district for the government’s failure to take concrete initiative in order to shield elderly and children from dipping temperature, locals said.
The elderly and children who have been taking shelters under tarps and tents following the April 25 earthquake devastation have fallen sick and many of them lost their lives in the recent days.
Additional five people breathed their last Monday in different five VDCs of Dolakha because of intolerable cold. Among those died of cold are Mithu Tamang, 55, of Chankhu VDC-7, Gambhiur Lama, 73, of Lapilang-3, Bam Bahadur Tamang, 58, of Pabati-5, Dev Kumari Karki, 82, of Shailungeswor-5 and Sanumaya Thami, 66, of Kalinchowk-1, according to the latest update.
Earlier, among others killed after the devastation of the houses caused by earthquake were Bishnu Maya Shrestha, 68, and Jagat Bahadur Shrestha of Melung-8, Dhanraj Tamang, 95 of Dandakharke, Lal Bahadur Karki, 86, of Jhule VDC-7, Januka Karki, 83, of Jhule VDC-4, Lal Bahadur Tamang, 68, of Gairimudi VDC, Bhakta Bahadur Magar, 62, of Bulung VDC-8 and Bhadra Kumari Pokharel, 79, of Jafe VDC-1.
However, Deputy Superintendant of Police (DSP) of Dolakha District Police Office, Bel Bahadur Pandey said there are no adequate evidences to substantiate that the cold is only the cause of death tolls of elderly people in the VDCs of Dolakha district.
Likewise, Dolakha District Health Office Chief Madhav Lamsal said that the deaths were caused by chronic asthma and kidney-related ailments rather not only due to cold. RSS