‘Sambriddakali’ wins elephant beauty title; cart race concludes

Ratnanagar (Chitwan), Dec 30: Tusker ‘Sambriddakali’ Tuesday won the title of elephant beauty pageant in the contest held as part of Chitwan Elephant Festival in Sauraha.

In the contest, ‘Pushpakali’ elephant won the first runner-up, shared results publication committee coordinator Rishi Tiwari. The second runner-up is ‘Basantakali’.
Likewise, in another final race, the Reshma bullock cart of Buddha Jyoti secured the title of winner followed by Kajal cart of Nikunja Jeep Safari and Basanti cart of Sauraha Elephant Booking respectively, said the festival organizing committee.
In the elephant fast walk contest, three tuskers have entered the final. The final entrants are Appukali, Marutikali and Beautikali elaphants, the committee informed.
The final elephant football tournament between CG Foods and Nabil Bank is taking place today.