Thirteen women raped in a month: Report

Kathmandu, Dec 30: A media monitoring report prepared by the Sancharika Samuha shows that 13 women and girls were raped in a month’s period.

The Samuha, a forum of women communicators, monitored 15 national dailies over a period of a month from November 17 to December 15. Forty news related to rape and attempt to rape were reported during this period.

The monitoring covered the news, opinion articles and the editorial published in the dailies, except the sports and entertainment.

The dailies monitored include Kantipur, Nagarik, Naya Ptrika, Gorakhapatra, Himalaya Times, Karobar, Rajdhani, Annapurna Post, Nepal Samacharpatra, Commander Post, Saurya Dainik, Nepali Dainik national vernacular dailies and The Kathmandu Post, Republica, The Himalayan Times and The Rising Nepal national English dailies.

Thirteen different types of violence against women reported by the media were monitored as part of the study. These include rape, sexual abuse, domestic violence, dowry related violence against women, women trafficking, murder, polygamy, witchcraft, traditional and religious violence against women and those related to the economic, health and political violence.

Similarly, eight incidents of murder were reported in that period while 40 news of killings were carried. There was one incident related to sexual assault while seven news related to this were carried. There was a single case of violation of health rights whereas 53 news related to health rights were published. RSS