Current problems to be resolved soon: Minister Rai

Biratnagar, Jan 2: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has said that the humanitarian crisis caused by unofficial border blockade would be ended soon.

Talking to journalists at Biratnagar Airport today, Minister Rai informed that the government had issued a concrete proposal to resolve the current problems and informal talks were going on for the same.
He further added that country would get outlet as talks with agitating Madhesi-front was positive and had removed obscurity and misunderstanding.
Minister Rai further added that issues related to delineation of provinces could be resolved by formulating a political committee within three months and the government was working for the same.
In another context, Minister Rai said that Indian government had a positive response to the government’s view for resolving the current issues and the step could ease to resolve the problems as the government was taking it positively.
In response to journalists’ query about the extension of the Council of Ministers, Minister Rai said that it was a compulsion as all political parties had an equal contribution to promulgate a new constitution therefore; it should not be taken negatively.