Hooch taking lives of many in Mahottari

Gaushala, Jan 4: The substandard liquor produced at the local level has taken lives of many people in Mahottari in the recent times.

As high as a dozen of liquor shops are being run near the District Police Office in Jaleshwor while equal number of other hooch shops are in operation in other areas in the town.

It is said that a total of seven people lost their lives due to consumption of spurious liquor during the period of last one year.

Likewise, Mahendra Chaudhary, 55, of Jaleshwor-4 died due to intake of hooch last night. Chaudhary’s relatives said that most of the vital organs of Chaudhary were damaged due to hooch consumption for long.

Meanwhile, a person died of burn injuries in Pipardadhi VDC in the district at 2:00 am today. Laxman Chaudhary, 55, of Piparadhi VDC-3 was seriously hurt after he was caught with the fire that was lit in front of his house. Superintendent of Police Janak Bhattarai said that Chaudhary breathed his last on the way to hospital in Patna, India.