Karuna Foundation provides Rs 4 million for cause

Ilam, Jan 5: The Karuna Foundation has provided Rs 4 million in grant to support the children with disabilities in Ilam district.

The Foundation doled out the amount to build classrooms for the studies and career development of the disabled children as well as to construct the buildings of the quake-ravaged health posts.

The Foundation provided Rs 1.2 million for Resource Centres in Barbote and Karphok. Manager of the Foundation Ajit Yonjan said that the two Resource Centres were given Rs 600,000 each for the reconstruction of the resource centres to support the children with disabilities.

Likewise, Maipokhari and Shreeanti-based health posts were given Rs 1.25 million each for the construction of the quake-hit buildings.

Furthermore, Ilam Bal Mandir was provided with Rs 140,000. Yonjan added that Rs 50,000 each was given for the development of the schoolchildren of Barbote, Karphok and Bal Mandir.

The programmes of Karuna Foundation run in 12 VDCs in the district since last year are being expanded in 15 other VDCs from 2016.