DAO, Nuwakot, to recollect data of quake survivors

Trishuli (Nuwakot), Jan 5: With the number of fake April 25 earthquake survivors rising in a bid to register themselves to get the facilities provided by the government to genuine quake victims, the District Administration Office is going to recollect data of the victims.

Chief District Officer Umesh Kumar Dhakal said that the Office is working to recollect data of the quake survivors amid complaints that genuine quake victims are deprived of facilities given by the government.

He said that the preliminary data of 60,000 houses destroyed by the quake completely has rose to 70,000, adding that the number is expected to reach 86,000 if the left 10,000 damaged houses are incorporated.

“We hope that actual number of houses destroyed by the quake will decrease to 55,000 on average if the data is recollected through electronic means,” he added.