10 per cent drug abusers only correct their ways

Banke (Khajura), Jan 6: It has been found that roughly 10 per cent of drug abusers kept in the correction centre in Banke have mended their ways to normalcy.

Nearly 90 per cent of those returning home from correction centre are found to have gone back to their previous addicted life.
Operator of Sahara House Nepalgunj Abhiraj Chhetri said the drug addicts even if corrected their life style have been compelled to adopt their previous abnormal life being flustered from the mistrust of family and society.
Though the drug abusers are kept at correction centres for six months or a year only 10 per cent among those coming out from there are found to have changed their life, said Chhetri, who himself was the drug addict one at a time. “The abusers normally are without education and skills. The family and society also do not believe them. Even after correction s/he cannot assimilate in society and the sense of alienation and loneliness prompted them to adopt previous life”, he added.
There are half a dozen correction centres in Banke. It is more pressing for poor families to afford their drug abused off-springs in the correction centres which are getting costlier day after day.
Score of drug abusers is high in Banke as it is very easier to import drugs from India taking advantage of open border. According to the organization working against drug abuse, there are over 4,000 drug addicts in Banke. The abusers range from child to below 50.