Forest encroachment removal bid effective

Gulariya (Bardiya), Jan 6: The folks of Bardiya district who had constructed huts for living after encroaching upon the area of Durgaphanta and Dhaireniphanta forests in Padnaha-6 have returned to their old homes.

They proactively dismantled their huts in the community forest area after the Bardiya District Forest Office called for all to engage their efforts for forest security, said Chairperson of Durgaphanta Community Forest Aitabari Tharu.
Likewise, Dhaireniphanta community forest chairperson Rame Kumar Tharu shared that some 32 households living in the huts on the forest premises also went back to their old home. Likewise, earlier some eight households have been living in Durgaphanta forest area.
Total 40 households evicted the forest area following collective commitment from four forest leaders including Aitabari Tharu to not allow any forest encroachment bid in the area.