‘Protection and implementation of constitution is everyone’s responsibility’

Biratnagar, Jan 7: Minister for Information and Communications Sherdhan Rai has expressed the belief that the country would be free of the present difficult situation in few days.

Speaking in a press conference organised by the Press Chautari Nepal Morang chapter in Biratnagar this morning, he said the problem facing the country would be resolved in few days as the taskforce constituted to hold talks with the agitating Madhesi Front and arrive at a consensus has initiated dialogue to that end since Wednesday.He also said that the supply of fuel would be eased within a week.

Minister Rai said the government has adopted maximum flexibility to end the humanitarian crisis resulting from the undeclared border blockade, adding that the government was serious regarding addressing the 11-point demand of the Madhesi Front.

He said India has also taken positively the views presented by the government on resolving the problem in the Tarai-Madhes. “Although the Front has some reservation on the government’s view, the problem would be resolved through talks in an institutional manner,” he said.

Stating that the development works could not pick up speed due to the blockade, Minister Rai, who is also the government spokesman, said the government has brought a two-year action plan for rapid development.

“This is everyone’s constitution and all have the responsibility to implement it for its protection,” the Minister for Information and Communications stated. He also underlined the need for all the political parties, the media, professional organisations and the civil society to educate the people about the new constitution.