Nepal’s constitution best one in the world-experts

Lumbini (Rupandehi), Jan 8: Experts a a programme claimed that the Nepal’s Constitution, promulgated by 92 per cent lawmakers representing the Constituent Assembly, is the best national charter across the globe.

At a broader interaction programme organized here on Tuesday on ‘Comparative experiences, inter-governmental relations and coordination in federal structure’, constitutional experts of Canada, Australia, India and Nepal claimed that the provision of federalism in the new constitution is the best one in the world.
On the occasion, constitutional advisor to Canadian Upper House and Associate Professor of Queens University Rachel Lafrest said that federalism in Canada was successful because of education and awareness.
Constitutional expert Lafrest noted that role of the local body has been underestimated despite the success of federalism in Canada and argued Nepal’s constitution the best one as it has given due importance and space to the local government.
Likewise, Australian constitutional expert Prof Robert Rayan said that the Nepal’s constitution has palced high emphasis on decentralization and termed Nepal’s federal governance system with political independence the superb one.
Rayan, also the Director of UTS Centre for Local Government Australia, claimed that the provision of federalism specified in Nepal’s constitution is the better one than that is in Australian constitution.
Indian constitutional expert Dr Ash Narayan Ray asserted that Nepal’s constitution and federal arrangement is the best one in the world and stressed the need to bring all aides on board to implement the new national charter.
Nepal’s constitutional expert Dinesh Tripathi said all aisdes should work together for the effective implementation of the new constitution as the country would fail if federalism was not practiced well.
Chiefs of several organizations and civil society groups from Kathmandu, Chitwan, Biratnagar, Nepalgunj and Rupandehi and representatives of various political parties took part in the discussion programme.