Frosty Nepal-India relations could be improved through dialogue: envoy Upadhyaya

Kathmandu, Jan 8: Nepal’s ambassador to India, Deep Kumar Upadhyaya says the embittered relations between Nepal and India should be improved through positive dialogue.

Speaking in a face-to-face programme organised by the Reporters Club Nepal here today, he said India also wanted to mend its ties with Nepal which has become frosty since the past few days.Ambassador Upadhyaya also expressed the belief that there is possibility of cordial relations between Nepal and India in the present state.

He stated that Nepal would move forward towards a new direction and become economically stronger following the promulgation of the constitution, adding that however the present difficult situation has made the people despondent.

Upadhyaya is in the capital in connection with attending a meeting of the Nepal-India BP Foundation.

He said in his meetings with the Indian leaders, including the Indian Prime Minister, urged them to lift the border blockade as the innocent Nepalis were unnecessarily suffering a lot due to this.

“They are also positive regarding resolving the problem,” he said, comparing the Nepal-India relations to a ‘hot tuber’. He added that neither country could do anything by harming each other and stressed on moving ahead by holding positive talks.

Stating that the Tarai agitation and the India-imposed blockade has created a bigger problem no sooner the pain inflicted by the earthquake was over, the Nepali ambassador expressed the conviction that the bad days would be soon over.

He also stressed on the need of amending the constitution on the basis of consensus among all, urging the agitating Madhes-centric parties to proceed ahead through talks.

Answering journalists as to when the Birgunj transit point would open, Upadhyaya shared the Indian sides’ opinion that the border checkpoint would open from the day the agitation there is halted.

On a different context, he described the popular leader the late BP Koirala as a ‘big leader of a small country’, and the country has not been able to follow the path shown byu him.