Border points clear soon: Ambassador Upadhyay

Kathmandu, Jan 8: Nepal’s Ambassador to India, Dip Kumar Upadhyay, has said Nepal-India relations would be back to normal in the next few days.

Talking to the National News Agency (RSS) on Friday, Ambassador Upadhyay said as the internal problems were being dealt with, a positive message would come soon. “The political issues raised by the Madhesi political parties were being addressed through the amendment of the constitution, it obviously brings positive change”, he argued.
Stating that the Indian side has wished peace and stability in Nepal with the solution of the internal problems, he said sooner the solution of the internal problems, better the environment.
According to him, the readiness of the government, major opposition and agitating parties in Tarai/Madhes to resolve the issue is a significant achievement. He further said if the constitution process was initiated on time, the country and the people would not suffer to this extent. “Blaming neighbour does not bring any benefit. Solving internal problems is a wiser step”, Ambassador Upadhyay said.